by hungrylake

So. It’s been awhile since we’ve updated this site. We’ve been busy in the studio for what seems like years (okay, it’s been years). We’ve poked our heads out every so often to play shows as you may have witnessed, but for the most part we’ve been hard at work crafting and recording our still untitled album in our studio. The 14 song album should finally be coming out in the next few months and will be available for digital download, in CD form, and on vinyl. Also looking into USB sticks….hmmmmm.

When can you see us you ask? Well this Friday we are holding a live event in our studio with fellow space mates, Memorex. We will hopefully be doing a recording session that involves everyone who attends in some fashion. Come have some drinks. $10 cover gets you in and there are drinks available.

Come to 388 Carlaw in Toronto for the event. Look for directions on posters when you enter the building to direct you towards our unit. It’s going to be fun.

We’re also playing:

September 6th in Markham at The Attic


September 12th in Toronto at The Rivoli

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I am going to attempt to keep this place tidy and new while we work towards a proper website with all your favourite fancy stuff.

Good day,