The newest new we know from Hungry Lake

by hungrylake


A note about a couple shows coming up and the album.

First, I’m playing an acoustic show June 24th in Hamilton with Brad Cheeseman. Grand times will be had by all. Next up, as of now, is July 28th in Toronto at The Bovine. Full band show. If you live in Toronto then come on out and let us have more of these grand times I mentioned earlier.

As for the album, it is in the works as this is being typed. In Hungry Lake fashion we’re unclear as to an exact release date, but you can expect them to start coming out in quick succession following the release of Hungry Lake part 1 (not the actual title). (There will indeed be an actual part 2 though, not just a part 2 as in “hey, this album has nothing to do tonally or thematically with the previous release,” but rather the final exclamation mark of doom for our debut release!)

Or maybe not.